Sale of Spare Parts

We perform high-quality repairs of any modern equipment.

The repair of audio equipment is considered today one of the most popular procedures among customers of the service center. The masters of the specialized company are ready to offer the most competent, prompt and competent approach to working with audio systems. 

Before starting the repair, we must carry out a full diagnosis to establish all the causes of the failure.

We Always Listen to Our Clients and Understand them

The causes of malfunctions are different. We will listen carefully to you so that you are definitely satisfied with the repair.

We Work as Fast as Possible

The minimum repair period is 30 minutes. The simpler the breakage, the faster we can fix it.

Warranty for all types of repair works

If the device does not fulfill its functions, this is a significant reason to use the audio repair service offered by our company. Special modern equipment and tools are used for repair works. 

The work of the masters consists of several stages. we are always in contact with the customer and discuss all the issues that may arise during the repair. Repair of audio equipment is required in such cases:

  • Equipment is not switched on
  • The quality of reproduction has been significantly reduced
  • External noises are heard
  • Display backlight does not work

To not often contact the service for repairing audio and video equipment, follow several simple rules and safety techniques.

Product category

Repair price, $

Diagnostics, $

Radio, CD

$5 – 8


Music center reading DVD

$8 – 12


1DIN car radios

$10 – 16


2DIN car radios

$4 – 8


OEM car radios

$12 – 20

$6 – 10

Subwoofers, household, car

$8 – 14


Acoustic system

$10 – 18


The moment so blinded by desire

The service center appreciates the convenience of its customers. We repair acoustic systems without days off. Comprehensive repair of audio equipment is carried out by specialists of the highest level, and thanks to the availability of the most common parts in the warehouse, you do not have to spend time and money in the long wait for serviceable equipment. 

For repaired equipment you will receive a warranty of 6 months. The warranty period for components is from 1 year.

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